Fayette County Cultural Trust


Michael Edwards

Executive Director

Daniel Cocks

The Mission of the Fayette County Cultural Trust is to enrich the area's quality of life by promoting our cultural, artistic, historic and natural assets and by creating partnerships to revitalize communities and further economic development.

Fayette County Cultural Trust - Board of Directors

Michael Edwards



Karen Hechler

Vice President

Bryan Kisiel


Gerry Browell

John Coleman

Mary Dreliszak

Vicki McWilliams

Lori Omatick

Downtown Connellsville

Downtown Steering Committee

Gerry Browell

Michael Edwards

Bryan Kisiel

Lauri Hensel

David Marchewka

Leo Rudnik

Emily Saylor

James Cox

Pat Stefano

Connellsville Canteen

Daniel Cocks


Due to COVID-19 we had to close the Connellsville Canteen for food service.  We hope to open soon as these restrictions are lifted.

Connellsville Crossroads Magazine

Michael Edwards


Susan Lewis


Daniel Cocks

Karen Hechler

Fayette County Cultural Trust’s

Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Fayette County Cultural Trust is committed to and accountable for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of its forms. We embrace individual uniqueness, foster a culture of inclusive excellence that supports both broad and specific diversity initiatives, leverage the educational and institutional benefits of diversity, and engage all individuals to help them thrive. We value inclusive excellence as a core strength and an essential element of our mission.

At the Fayette County Cultural Trust:

-We will foster and maintain a safe environment of respect and inclusion for the board, staff, and members of the communities we serve.

-We will educate our staff, and communities to be social justice advocates, creatively providing curricula, programs, and environments that reflect the diversity of our communities, and elevate cultural awareness.

-We will ensure fair and inclusive access to our facilities, programs, resources, and services, and ensure that all of our policies and practices are inclusive and equitable.

-We will advance and build our workforce by assessing hiring practices and performance review procedures to attract, retain, and develop talented board and staff from diverse backgrounds.

2019 Annual Report

Thank you to all our partners and supporters who shared our vision throughout 2019.  This was a great year!

2019 990 

2019 Audit

2018 Annual Report

2018 990

2018 Audit

The Fayette County Cultural Trust would like to extend a generous thank you for all those who volunteered and help support the Trust, throughout 2018..