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        Fayette County - Achievement in the Arts


Albert Gallatin High School

Music – Bailey Dawn Holt

Theater – Caleigh Hitchcock

Visual Arts – Diana Marie Kotyuha

Brownsville Area High School

Music – Caitlyn Lenkey

Theater – Michael Bernot

Visual Arts – Jeffrey Kromer

Connellsville Area High School

Music – Tyler Joseph Miller

Theater – Jordan Kosisko

Visual Arts – Grant Ross Solomon

Frazier High School

Music – Sarah Stiffy

Theater – Richard Valgora

Visual Arts – Dylan Scott Cable

Geibel Catholic Junior –

Senior High School

Music – Sydney Papinchak

Theater – Carley Ward

Visual Arts – Bill Zhang

Laurel Highlands High School

Music – Tess Vanek

Theater – Destiny Cumberland

Visual Arts – Gianna Schuessler

Uniontown Area High School

Music – Ariel Lennay Ellington

Theater – Alec Basile

Visual Arts – Matthew Michelangelo