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        Fayette County - Achievement in the Arts


Albert Gallatin High School

Desiree Stroud - Music

Braden Fabrycki - Theater

Julia Oravtes - Visual Arts

Brownsville Area High School

Emily Behm - Music

Evan Peffer - Theater

Kaitlyn Furlong - Visual Arts

Connellsville Area High School

Emilyn Pleva - Music

Noah Allison - Theater

Megan Hall - Visual Arts

Frazier High School

Bryce Kaye Strickler - Music

Madison Ansell - Theater

Courtney Hoffman - Visual Arts

Geibel Catholic Junior - Senior High School

Chen Pesacreta - Music

Elizabeth Camele - Theater

Emily Zimcosky - Visual Arts

Laurel Highlands High School

Gino Vincent Mollica - Music

Magdalene Joan Miller - Theater

Natalie Frances Trifiro - Visual Arts

Uniontown Area High School

Kayla Tokar - Music

Emily Clinton - Theater

Chynna Jade El-Ayazra - Visual Arts